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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get Free Access To the World's Top Health Experts 24 Hours A Day

Gives you access to the experts behind Physicians Desk Reference

Harvard Medical School

 Mayo Clinic

U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services

 Doctor and Medical Institutions

Health info site

 From  the experts at the National Library of Medicine and National Institute Of  Health 
Articles written and  reviewed by doctors

Prescription and over the counter drug info from the American Society Of Health System Pharmacists

Drug info and help identifying pills

Institute for Safe Medication Practices

Detailed drug info for questions other sites may not answer

Info about drugs, vitamins and herbs  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Six Easy NO Ice Cream Maker Ice Cream Recipes

Impress your cookout or dinner guests with these easy to make, no-brainer gourmet ice creams that require no ice cream maker! First, start off with 1 pint of premium store bought  ice cream or low fat yogurt ice cream  you buy on sale. Second, smash in your favorite flavors, then enjoy. Mixing Tips: Don't soften the ice cream too much. You want if firm but pliable. Quickly cut the carton away from the ice cream into chunks on a work surface to facilitate folding. Return the ice cream to the freezer in a plastic container  for 30 minutes  to two hours so the  flavors can firm up and  blend.  After that,  the crunchy ingredients start to soften. Here are the recipes:

1. Black Forest Fold in 2 Tbs. of brandy into 1/2 cup of cherry preserves. Fold in chocolate ice cream along with 1 cup of crumbled chocolate wafers.Six

2. Turtle Stir in 1/4 cup Carmel sauce, 1/2 cup chopped pecan pralines or candied pecans, and 1/2 cup chopped semi-sweet or bitter sweet chocolate into chocolate ice cream.

3. Chocolate Hazelnut Stir in 1/4 cup of Nutella, 1 cup of crumbled chocolate wafers, and 1/2 cup of roasted chopped hazelnut into chocolate ice cream.

4. Banana Pudding Fold 1 coarsely mashed large banana, 1 cup crumbled vanilla wafers and 1 cup of crumbled meringue cookies into vanilla ice cream.

5. Salted Caramel  Fold 1/4 cup of caramel sauce and 1 cup of coarsely crumbled regular or peanut butter filled  pretzel nuggets into vanilla ice cream.  

6. Strawberry Shortcake Mix 1 cup of sliced strawberries with 2 Tbs of strawberry jam. Fold into vanilla ice cream with 2 slices of  crumbled pound cake which is about 1/ 1/2 cups. Then add 1 cup of crumbled meringue cookies.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How To Get Your Low Bids Accepted On Priceline

You have seen it advertised, and maybe tried it. Now make it work for you. www.Priceline.com  offers 2 basic services for 3 travel products: airfare, hotels and rental cars.

The services are:

1. Fixed price travel service just like any other travel agent.


The fixed price travel service is nothing unique and offers nothing special in terms of pricing, (unless they post a mistake rate)

The “Name Your Own Price” service offers Great Travel Prices with savings of up to 60% if you know how and: THE BIG WINNER is HOTELS

The savings are really significant and with the help of these sites:





Here’s how it works: biddingfortravel.com, travelbuddy.com and betterbidding.com are sites that lists successful previous priceline bids for airfares, hotels and car rentals around the world. In addition, they list reviews for the hotels in a given city and by region and by star level. (5* is the best, 1* is really bad). Try to bid 4*, 3*  if the reviews are ok  and 2 ½* in a region you  want to stay in.

Example: If  you  need to go to  Boston, first go to www. priceline.com and “name your own price” hotels and find the various regions listed for the Boston market and the top hotel rating in that zone. Then open another window and head to www.biddingfortravel.com. In that site , go to “hotels”, then “Mass”, then “Boston”. You can check previously accepted prices in the various regions of Boston, get reviews of the hotels and decide what star level you are comfortable with. If  Downtown, you might find  Copley and Back Bay regions are too expensive,. try  the Airport region .You could  typically win the Hyatt Harborside for $42 per night.It's  a beautiful hotel with shuttle to the airport and to the subway (T) stop to downtown. Typical weekend night at the Hyatt would be $129. Ask for a waterside room.

NOTE: To be most successful using Priceline you MUST read the section on bidding and rebidding.

Suppose you want Zone Airport and a 4* hotel. From previous bidders you see that $42 has won in the past, so your first bid is Zone Airport, 4 stars at $35. If you don’t win, then add another zone that has lower star levels ONLY available, and this time bid $37. If there are 5 zones without a hotel over 3 stars, you have 5 free rebids until you get the best price.

Rebidding allows you to start low and move your price higher without changing your parameters. READ these sections of www.biddingfortravel.com  before going to priceline.com to actually place your bids. Once booked there are NO REFUNDS.

  Travelers using  Priceline rooms in over 30 US cities, London, Dublin, Paris and Rome have rarely been disappointed. Do your research on www.biddingfortravel.com or www. betterbidding.com first, and double check the reviews at www.tripadvisor.com. Remember to bid one star level higher in Europe for US comparison hotels. Remember that one bad hotel in a given zone and at a given star rating should force you to bid a higher level or different zone for that city. By using these 5 sites in conjunction, you will save the cost of hotels by 50% or more for the rest of your travel life.PS: Practice this technique with several imaginary cities WITHOUT hitting the “Buy my Hotel” button. Do your research. There are NO REFUNDS. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Discover New Jersey's Best Secret Secluded Beach

You'd never know that High Bar Harbor, a lollipop-shaped stretch of sand  tucked behind the Barnegat Lighthouse, even exists. But watch out for the water, because if the tide comes, you might get stranded. To get there, take Long Beach Island Blvd , north into the town of Barnegat Light and turn left on 20th St, a.k.a. as Auburn Rd. Go a third of a mile , then bear right at the Y-shaped intersection onto Sunset Blvd. Take it to the end. You'll see a footpath to the beach.