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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How To Get Out Of Almost Any Service Contract Without Penalties

If you agreed to a 2 year service contract on your broadband or smartphone service ,you may be able to ditch your obligation if your provider changes the terms after you sign up. In December, one phone carrier notified its customers of a 40 cent monthly increase on all lines and a $5 increase on accounts with spending limits. That constitiued a "materially adverse change of contract" as per the carrier's terms. So if your provider alters the terms of your contract and you want to break it, just contact the company in writing ( certified mail is best ) within the time period specified in your contract. It is usually 30 to 60 days. Make it clear in your letter that you are leaving because of the "materially adverse" nature of the change. P.S. If you found this post helpful,please forward it to your family and friends.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How To Learn Something For Nothing

www.AcademicEarth.Org This site offers the courses of 10 elite universities with 130 full courses and 3,500 video lectures. www.CNX.Org Connexions hosts more than 16,000 modules that make up a collection of say an algerbra textbook or a statistics course. www.OcwConsortium.Org This consortium represents 250 universities from around the globe that want to advance free educational resources. www.ItunesU.Com is the largest entry point into all of online education with nearly 300,000 audio and video files from more than 600 colleges around the world. www.YouTube.Com/Edu currently hosts about 300 universities with 200 full courses and 60,000 videos.

Friday, April 23, 2010

10 Best Donut Shops In America

1.Doughnut Plant -NYC Best bet: Creme Brulee. 2. Zingerman's- Ann Arbor, MI Best bet: Roadhouse Donut 3. Fractured Prune-Ocean City, MD Best bet: Black Forest Donut 4.Psycho Donuts - Campbell, CA Best bet: S'mores Donut 5. Glazed Dounts-Chicago, IL Best bet: Oatmeal Chocolate Stout 6.Dynamo Donuts-San Francisco, CA Best bet: Spiced Chocolate 7. Dreesen's - Easthampton, NY Best bet: Plain 8. Top Pot Donuts-Seattle, WA Best bet: Pink Feather 9.Stan's - Westwood, CA Best bet: Peanut Butter & Fresh Banana With Chocolate Chips 10. Sweetwater's Donut Mill- Kalamazoo, MI Best bet: Grasshopper

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Best Meal Deals In Paris

L'Argume, 15, rue des Fosses St.-Marcel;Phone (33-1) 43-31-86-48.Lunch 14-16 euros, Dinner 35 euros. Le Chateaubriand,129, avenue Parmentier,(33-1) 43-57-45-95. Dinner 45 euros. www.Bistrot-Jadis.Com ,208,rue de la Croix Nivert,(33-1)45-57-73-20Lunch 25 euros,dinner 32 euros. Yam'cha ,4, rue Sauval,(33-1)40-26-08-07. Lunch 30-65 euros,dinner 65 euros. www.Frenchie-Restaurant.Com , 5, rue du Nil, (33-1)40-39-96-19Lunch 21-25 euros,dinner 31-35 euros. www.LaGazzetta.Fr,29, rue de Cotte,(33-1)43-47-47-05.Lunch 16 euros, dinner 38-50 euros.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How To Sell Your Home Fast In A Weak Market

1.Choose A Broker That Can Sell To find the best broker,determine which realtor dominates your market by "For Sale"signs and recommendations by neighbors. Then call the sales manager at the realty office and find out who are the top 10% agents as measured by sales. These agents generate 90% of revenues for an office. So they are most likely to sell your house at the best price. Before you commit to an agent make sure he or she has sold several homes in your neighborhood at attractive prices. Also, make sure that no more than 6 months had passed between the time the homes were listed and sold. Then make sure the agent has a marketing plan tailored to your home. 2.Get Your Marketing Right Most home buyers start their search on the internet. So make sure your agent lists your property on the seven biggest real estate sites which are Yahoo, Craigslist ,Trulia, Zillow, Homes.Com ,Realtor.Com and MLS. Only real estate agents can list homes on Homes.Com, Trulia, Realtor.Com and MLS. Ads range from free to $300+ for first page positions, slide shows and videos. 3. Use Professional Photos Market reserach proves that photos influence buyers more than any other tool. Some agents will send out a professional photographer to take photos. If yours doesn't, you can hire your own for $100 to $500 depending where you live. 4. Clean Out Your Closets Neatness implies that you take care of things. Buyers may think that a messy closet means faulty wiring or plumbing. 5. Get Rid Of Clutter Eevery piece of junk reduces your homes value because buyers can't see past it. If necessary, rent storage space for a few months. 6.Let There Be LightBuyers want a bright house above all except location. So ditch the heavy drapes, wash the windows, and move furniture away from the windows. Then trim any outdoor plants blocking the sun. Paint the walls creamy white. And if possible, piant the outside of the house yellow. If you need to re-paint or change the siding of the house, make sure it's yellow. Yellow houses have the most curb appeal and sell faster than any other color. 7.Swipe And Deploy Attend an open house at a few new developments and take note on how the model homes are decorated. Then try to apply some of these latest decorating trends to your house on the cheap. 8. Price It Right The smartest strategy is to under price your house below market value. That's because buyers are looking for value when they buy. This also might force buyers into a bidding war over your house with one another. If you price high and then go low, buyers will sense your despiration and start making low ball offers. 9.Offer Incentives Giving buyers a cash incentive will give you an unfair advantage over other sellers. Offer to pick up part or all of the closing costs. Then advertise this in advance and more people will want to see your property. 10. Hold The Paper First fo all, one-fifth of all homes sold involve partial or seller financing. Second, buyers may not be able to qualify for a conventional mortgage because they may be self-employed or can't come up with 20% down. If you don't have a mortgage to pay off, and you aren't buying another house, or if you don't need the cash, this is a win-win for you and the buyer. You can charge 5% interest or more, and the collateral is a property you know and trust. The buyer gets to skip the hassle of applying for a mortgage, and saves on closing costs. The down payment also becomes negotiable. Plus you might be able to spread any capital gains you might owe over several years. Just make sure your agent or lawyer runs a credit check on the buyer and let your lawyer draw up a formal contract. Also, make sure your contract states the if the buyer falls behind on payments just one or two months,the buyer forfeits the down payment and you can take back the property.