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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Have Italian Men Given Up Sex?

"Italian men don't want to have sex anymore," said Manuela Grassi  and Antonella Piperno in the weekly Panorama. "Our mothers used to warn us to be careful with that boy, he'll try to  get you in bed. Now they warn us to watch out for that one, he'll never get in your bed." In Italy, it seems that young men, who are supposed to be in their sexual prime, don't know how to have sex. Nearly 20 percent of men between 18 and 30 have no sex life at all, and don't seem to miss it. Plus it's the women who are suffering. All across Italy, in beauty salons, Internet chat rooms, and agony columns, women are wailing with frustration. One woman left a man she might have really loved because he refused to get intimate more than once a month. Some experts say that Italian men are overwhelmed by the pressure to succeed in business. Others blame rapacious Italian women for intimidating men. Italy's sexy TV personality Anna Falchi is typical. "I had a likewarm lover only once, " she said. "I threw him out immediately." Experts say its no wonder why men are too scared to perform.

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