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Saturday, June 9, 2012

How To Beat Boardwalk & Carnival Games

Balloon Dart Throw  For starters, the darts are dull and much lighter than you would find in a bar. Then the balloons are underinflated  which makes them harder to pop. To beat the game, don't hurl the darts straight at the balloons. Instead, loft them in an arc for a better chance at catching a balloon. The Basketball Shoot The scam here is that the rims are smaller than regulation size and they are shaped like ovals. Next, the backboards are super bouncy, the balls are overinflated, and the hoop is often higher than normal. To walk away with a big prize, make sure you shoot underhand. A ball that arcs in for a swish will slip past the crooked rim. Milk Bottle Pyramid Most people aim for the dead center of the stack. But the trouble is that the bottom bottles are weighted. So if you hit the tops of the bottles, they'll never fall over. To beat the game just aim at the base of the bottom two bottles. 

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