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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Six Tips On How To Buy Diamonds At Auction

1. Buying At Auction: When you buy a diamond at a reputable auction house like Christie's or Sotheby's, expect to save from 25% to %50 off retail prices. 2.Investing : Don't buy diamonds for investments. Diamonds just about keep up with the rate of inflation. 3.Diamond Cuts:Round diamonds have the most sparkle. Fancy shapes like pear, marquis,emerald and heart shaped have more weight retention and are reserved for weights 10 carats or more. 4.Carat Size: Carat weight can be an illusion since a high carat stone may not look large and a stone can appear larger than it's true weight.To reflect light properly and sparkle, a diamond should be properly proportioned. 5.Diamond Clarity: To most people, the beauty of a stone is not diminished by internal perfections. Keep in mind that clarity gradings are made under magnification. So until you hit a grade labeled imperfect, most flaws are not visible to the naked eye. So when it comes to clarity, diamond buyers can save big money. 6.Diamiond Color: Unless you're buying a colored diamond, always buy the whitest diamond you can afford. So you can save more money on a stone that has a slight amount of color. Like clarity, stones are graded for color under clinical conditions at grades D,E F and G. To the naked eye, it's very difficult to discern color without a jeweler's loupe. But stay away from stones rated at H or lower. Whether you buy a diamond at auction or at a store, make sure you insure the diamond for all types of loss before you take it home.

Best Chinese Restaurants In LA

There are more Chinese in LA that any metro area outside of Peking. So LA is the place to be when searching for fabulous chinese food. The five best Chinese eateries in Los Angeles are: Foo Chow, 949 North Hill St, 213-485-1294. $15 pp. Chung King ,206 S. Garfield Ave,Monterey Park, 626-280-7430. $15 pp. Chang's Garden , 627 W. Duarte Rd, Arcadia,626-445-0606. $20 pp. Mission 621, 261 S. Mission Dr. San Gabriel,626-588-1666. $25 pp. Triumphal Palace, 500 W. Main St,Alhambra, 626-308-3222. $30pp.

Best US Champagne Value For The Holidays

Sparking wines from the Gruet Winery in New Mexico from $13.99