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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Best Place To Buy Mens Suits, Shirts & Shoes

The best place to buy a men's suit is at Nordstrom. The house brands called John W. Nordstrom and Broletto sell for around $600. But these garments are equal in quality to suits selling for $1,000 or more. Nordstrom also employs skilled tailors and sales associates which will increase the odds that you will get a good fit for your body type. If you live or work near a Saks Fifth Avenue store, their Saks house brand suit at $695 is another excellent value. Just maker sure you choose a timeless style that won't go out of date and select a fabric in an 8.5 oz to 10 oz weight. This fabric can be worn year around in every season. The best place to buy high quality dress shirts with french cuffs at a fair price is at Charles Tyrwhitt in London. You can buy one shirt for $59 or 4 for $199. See: www.ctshirts.co.uk Since many people will form an impression of you based on the quality of your shoes it's a good idea to invest a few extra dollars in a quality pair of shoes. You can now wear dark brown shoes with gray or blue suits but you should wear black shoes with black suits. Just make sure you buy laced-up shoes or slip-ons and avoid shoes with tassels. They look dated. The best value in quality men's shoes from $195 is at Allen Edmonds. They are made in the USA and the company will "re-craft" your old Edmonds shoes like new starting at $30. Call 800-817-7615 or see: www.AllenEdmonds.Com