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Sunday, November 29, 2009

7 Insurance Myths That Can Cost You Big Time

Myth #1-Replacement Cost-Reality: Usually, replacement cost coverage ONLY covers the depreciated value of your damaged possessions. In this case, you'll have to come up with the extra cash to buy new replacemnet items. Plus, many times you'll have to do it in 12 months from the date of the loss. What You Should Do: Check the time limit. Check with contractors and ask if they are willling to work with your insurance company to recover the full cost. For damaged contents, replace some items quickly and file a claim. Then use the insurance settlement money to replace more. Myth # 2-Insurers Only Replace The Damaged Sections-Reality: If replacing a damaged section of your home creates a visible difference between the replaced section and the old section, the insurer MUST replace the undamaged areas as well. What You Should Do: If your insurer tries to dodge responsibility to replace undamaged sections, write a letter to the adjuster stating what should be covered by the policy. Then add: " It is my understanding that in accordance with the line-of-sight-rule, I'm also entitled to replacement of the siding on the south and west side of my home as well. If you have any doubts about this, please refer to your Fire, Casualty and Surety( FC&S) Bulletins and get back to me." Most adjusters usually back off when policy holders cite this trade publication known by few outsiders in the insurance industry. Myth # 3- You Have To Live With The Work The Auto Repair Shop Mandated By Your Insurer Reality: Right after your insurer's mandated repair shop finihses its work, take the vehicle to a dealership service department and request an evaluation of the damaged area. If the vehicle was in a serious collision, request a 4 wheel alignment. These types of alignments usually uncover lingering problems with vehicles that have been in collisions. Share your findings with your insurer, and say, "You warranted these repairs, so take my car back and fix it properly." Myth #4-My Car Is Covered By Any Driver - Reality: When you lend your car out, it depends on the policy. Some insurers now provide coverage only to drivers specifically named on the policy. So before you lend your car out, check with your insurer. Myth # 5 - It's OK To Call Your Insurance Company To Inquire About Small Claims- Reality: Your insurance company wll open a claim as soon as you call the claims department even if you don't persue payment. What You Should Do: Don't call your insurance company unless its going to cost you more than your deductable. Myth # 6 - Independent Insurer Adjusters Are Fair- Reality: An adjusters job is to look out for the insurance company whether he or she works for the insurer or is independent. He or she will pretend to be your friend and try to steer you towards repairs instead of replacing the damaged areas. The only exception to this rule is when you're dealing with company adjusters from Chubb or Amica who are pro customer. What You Should Do: If you feel an adjuster is not being fair with you, hire a public adjuster. In fact, most public adjusters will tell you that you should contact them FIRST before you call your own insurance company! Reason? They can get you more money before your insurance company has a chance to downplay the claim and offer you a paltry sum! Public adjusters represent policy holders in their negociations with insurance companies. However, they are not all created equal. So when you decide on which one you will call, make sure you check out the adjuster's reputation at www.BBB.Org Public adjusters can be found in the yellow pages under "Insurance Adjusters" or "Adjusters-Public" or through the National Assocation of Public Adjusters. Call 703-433-9217 or go2: www.Napia.Com Public adjusters usually charge 10% to 25% of the total claims settlement which you should negoiate before you sign a contract.Myth # 7- You Can Cancel Your Insurance By Not Paying The Bill - Reality: Insurers usually give you a 30 day grace period before coverage is terminated. Policyholders are legally responsible for premiums charged during the grace period even if you have no intenion of continuing with the coverage. So its better to call and cancel a policy you no longer need.

Friday, November 13, 2009

How To Make 8% On Annuity Investments And Ten Questions You Should Before You Buy

1. Why Am I Buying It? People buy annuities to protect their savings from market downturns, to enjoy tax deferred growth, or to generate a guaranteed income for life or for some other fixed period of time. If you're not trying to achieve one or more of these goals, annuities may not be for you. 2. How Much Will My Annuity Pay Out? Your sales advisor should be able to tell you the guaranteed minimum it will pay each year, based on your initial investment and the date of your distribution. Note that if you are funding a varible annuity over time, that won't be the case. 3. How Much Will This Annuity Cost? You should know the mortality and expense charges that fund the annuity guarantees,any administrative fees, and in any fees for optional benefits. With a varible annuity, you should know the underlining expenses for the investment in your account. 4. What Are My Investment Option? When you a buy a varible annuity,you typically invest in a portfolio of stock and bond funds until you begin withdrawals. The end avalue of that portfolio will impact how much money you will actually receive. So you should be comfortable with the investments your varible annuity offers you. 5. Will My Heirs Get Back My Investment If I Die Prematurely? Buying an annuity without a death benefit means higher income for you. But if you don't vfeel good about the possibility that an insurance company will keep any portion of your premium that it hasn't paid out by the time you die, loook for an annuity with a death benefit. Most offer them. You can also choose a "joint and survivor" annuity that continues to pay out as as you or a designated second person like your spouse is alive. 6. Can I Get My Money Back If My Circumstances Change? Once you convert you account balance into a guranteed stream of income, you can only access the money on that schedule. If that's a concern, ask about options that permit additional withdrawals. 7. What Surrender Fees Apply? Most fixed or varible annuities impose surrender fees if you make withdrwals during the first several years of ownership. If that'sa concern, look for annuity with a "free corridor" that lets you withdraw some money each year without a fee. Just make sure to compare corridor terms from one provider to the next. 8. What Are The Tax Consequences Of Annutities? Annuities are tax deferred investments, but depending on your age and other circumstances, some withdrwals could jepardize your tax status. For instance, taking money out beofre 59 1/2 generally triggers a 10% federal income tax penalty. Also, any portion of your withdrawals representing investmnent earnings are taxed as oridinary income, not capital gains. 9. Can I Lose Money On This Annuity? You can lose money on any annuity that doesn't have a death benefit. But you can also lose money on a varible annuity that does not offer any minimum withdrawal or income guarantees. That's because your account valuen can go up or down based on your investment portfolio. 10. How Strong Is The Insurance Company? No matter how attractive an annuity may seem, it will prove to be a poor investment if the inssuing company isn't around to make good on its guarantees when you need them. So check out the issuer's financial strength at websites of the major rating companies. To make 8% interest on a $100,000 investment that pays $700 a month for life see www.ImmediateAnnuities.Com and www.AnnuityQuickQuote.Com

Sunday, November 8, 2009

How To Have A Great Thanksgiving Holiday

For info on buying and fixing the turkey, sides dishes crafts and games, make sure you visit http://urbanext.illinois.edu/turkeyls For the best Bl;ack Friday deals, go2: www.black-friday.net

How To Fake Gourmet Fixings

To supercharge MAYO mix a tablepsoon of lemon juice, add a 1/3 cup of olive oil, a dash of black pepper, a dash of garlic and fresh herbs into a store bought cup of mayonnaise. To upgrade OLIVES drain a 7 oz jar of ordinary brine. Then gently crush the contents of the jar, put in a new container, add 1/4 cup of olive oil, one or two crushed cloves of garlic, and one tablespoon of thyme. Chill for 3 or 4 days, and they'll rival anything you can buy at the gourmet deli. Soup up your STOCK with a quick shot of flavor. Mix 2 or 3 chicken bouuillon cubes with a 1/2 cup of white wine, 3 tablespoons each of carrots, onions and celery. Then add two sprigs of parsley, a 1/3 of a bay leaf, and a pinch of thyme. Simmer for one half hour.

New Book Reveals Hidden Dangers Of Cell Phones,Cordless Phones,WiFi & Microwaves

A new book titled Public Health SOS, The Shadow Side Of The Wireless Revolution by Camilla Rees stated that in 2007, The American Journal of Epidemiology reported that cell phone users who spent more than 22 hours a month on their cell phones were 58% more likely to develop tumors of the salivary gland then those who didn't use cell phoneas as often. Studies funded by the cell phone industry show that cell phones are safe. However, they usually last 6 years or less which is not long enough for a tumor to develop. Plus cell phone studies define heavy use as just a few hours a week. So to be safe, use cell phones only for emergencies or to retrive messages. Return all calls on a land line phone. Also, regularly switch the cell phone from one side of the head to another to minimise one side radiation exposure. Also, turn off your cell phone when not expecting a call because cell phones send and recive signals even when you're not talking. Another good habit is don't let the cell phone tocuh your ear or body parts. When talking, hold it at least one inch away from your head or use the walkie-talkie feature. Naturally, text-messaging is safer because the phone is away from your head. Bluetooth technology uses radiation but it is less than levels generated by your cell phone. To be safe, use a pneumatic plastic tube ear piece to reduce your exposure to radiation. A company called Mercola sells these headsets. You can visit their website at http://products.mercola.com Next, don't use a cell phone in the car. In a car, it uses more power because it must continually reconnect with antennas. Plus the signal is reflected by the metal in the car which increases exposure to radiatrion. Cordless phones used in the home pose the same risks as cell phones. To be safe, you should replace all cordless phones with corded phones when practical. WIFI is also a strong source of electromagnetic radiation. So use cables to connect everything to your computer. But if you must use a wireless router, place it as close as possible to the devices it controls. Microwave Ovens leak radiation even up to 20 feet away. So your best defense is to leave the kitchen when the microwave is on. If you want to test your mircowave, put your cell phone in the microwave and close the door. ( DO NOT TURN ON THE MICROWAVE ! ) call your cell phone. If you hear it ring, then it means radiation is able to pass out of your microwave.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Natural Swine Flu Remedies

If you don't plan on getting the swine flu vaccine, or if it is not available in your area, here are some natural remedies that may protect you. If you would like to improve your immune system and take preventative steps, then you should take an Astragalus capsule once or twice a day before meals. If you start to notice the signs of swine flu symptoms, then you should take Oscillococinum (pronounced o-sill-cox-see-num)capsules which may reduce the severity and duration of the flu.Another potent remedy against swine flu are chinese herb formulas. They often have an antiviral effect and may increase your immunity. The best and purest brand of Chinese herbs is Wellness Formula by Source Naturals. Just make sure you only buy formultaions made in the USA since formulations made in China may contain toxic levels of mercury. Another great antiviral supplement is Black Elderberry. And naturally, before you take any supplement for a medical condition you should always first consult your doctor.