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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Check The Ratings Before You Buy Anything

In this age of corporate greed and profits, consumers can no longer depend on the historic performance of a particular brand. Before making a major purchase, you check all the following websites for consumer ratings: www.Buzzillions.com , www.ConsumerAffairs.com , www.ConsumerReports.Com , www.ConsumerSearch.com, www.Epinions.com, www.Inods.com , www.MyProductAdvisor.com, www.Ratings.net , www.HowStuffWorks.com, www.Wize.com, www.Cnet.com, and www.Viewpoints.com .

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Get Free Health Care With Clinical Trials

If you're one of the 50 million Americans that don't have health insurance for one reason or another, then perhaps there is a free clinical trial available to treat your condition. Visit all of the following websites for more information: www.EmergingMed.com,www.ClinicalTrials.gov , www.CenterWatch.com , www.SearchClinicalTrials.org , & www.Cancer.org

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Best 7 Chinese Restuarants In Beijing, China

1.Liqun Roast Duck , 11 Beixangfeng Alley,Zhengyl Rd, Chongwen district. Phone (86-10)6705-5578. Reservations a must. All major credit cards.Whole duck about $20. 2.Guo Yao Xiao Ju, 58 Jiaodaokou Bei Santiao,Dongcheng district, (86-10)6403-1940,major credit cards, about $15 a person.3.Jun Qin Hua,88 Meishuguan Houjle, Dongcheng district, (86-10)6404-7600. Cash only. About $7 a person. 4. Xian Lao Man ,(dumplings are a specialty) 252 An Nei Da Jie,Dongcheng district, (86-10) 6404-6944. Cash only. About $4 a person. 5. Jade Garden,(seafood specialties) 6 Jiqingli Chao Wal Ave, Chaoyang district,(86-10)6552-8688,major credit cards, $25-$40 a person. 6. Hong Zhuang Yuan ,has 24 branches around Beijing open 24/7, Panjia Yuan Rd,(near Panjia Yuan antique district)Chaoyang district,(86-10)8771-8029,cash only,about $7 a person. 7. Hua Jia Yuan ,(menu in English),235 Dongzhimen,Dongcheng district,(86-10) 6405-1908,major credit cards, about $20 a person.