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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How To Be Treated Like A Star When Dining Out

1. Pick The Right Restuarant If famous people dine there, and you know about it,then avoid it like the plague. A good restauarnt doesn't want Hiltonesque publicity because it relies on discretion and a good reputation to keep busy. 2. Avoid Saturday Nights Many good restaurants equate Saturday night with amateur night. To be treated like a good friend, try to eat out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. 3. Book A Table 30 Days In Advance You should make reservations at busy restuarants at least 30 days in advance. If you cannot make your reservation, call in advance and cancel. You'd be surprized at the number of good restuarants that keep your information and put you on a blacklist. 4. First Impressons Count If a hostess is rude or treats you with out care or concern,then leave the restaurant. It's just a sign that things will probably get worse. If you're table isn't ready,a good eatery will apologize, escort you to the bar, and quite often buy you a drink. 5. The Golden Rule If you want great service,don't act like a jerk and be nice to your waiter. 6. When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do If a place is famous for steak, order steak. If its seafood, order fish. If you want a heads up on the best menu items, say this to your waiter: "If I had one day to live, which entrees would you recommend ?" If you have special dietary requirements, speak up. However, don't try to design your own menu, mix and match items, or ask that foods be over cooked. It's OK to share food when you ask for extra plates. But don't ask for half orders. In better places, avoid taking home leftovers. It makes you look like a chump. A good rule of thumb is don't do anything you wouldn't do on a first date. 7. How To Order Wine Don't be afraid to tell the sommelier that you don't know much about wine. Most people don't. Just tell him what you're eating and ask for a suggestion. If you'd like a bottle of wine, say this: "Can you select a moderately priced wine for me to go with the meal? Since I don't know much about wine, an expensive bottle would be a waste on me." 8. Send It Back If your food was not prepared as ordered, or if there is something wrong with it, tell your waiter. A good restuarant will correct the error. If the wine doesn't taste right, make sure you point it out after the first sip. Also, don't take out wrongly prepared food out on your waiter. He or she didn't cook it. 9. Tips On Tipping If your meal was good, 20% should be the minimum if you want to return .If you want to become a regular,tip 30% to make a good impression. Keep in mind that tips are split among lots of people. However, if you tip above 50%, you'll look like a fool.