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Thursday, January 3, 2008

11 Ways To Avoid Airline Delays

1.Allow Yourself More Time If you have to choose a connecting flight, choose a flight with at least a two hour layover. Any less time is cutting it too close. 2. Avoid Major Airports Use secondary airports like NY'S Long Island McArthur instead of Kennedy. Instead of San Francisco try Oakland or San Jose.Substitute Hobby for Bush International,and Dallas Love Field for Dallas/Ft. Worth. 3.Schedule Early In The Month Try to book your flights in the first 20 days of the month 4. Fly Only Non-Stop 5. Fly Out At Dawn Or The First Morning Flight 6. Get Sick If you're stuck on a plane for more than several hours, claim to be sick. Passengers who claim to be sick have to be let off the plane. 7. Carry A Video Camera Then interview the pilot as to the reason for the delay. Then threaten to post the video on YouTube. If the the airline calls the police, let them. It's not illegal to carry and use a video camera on a plane and the police might get you off a plane stuck at an airport. 8. Sue The Airline In 1999 passengers sued Northwest for false imprisionment and settled for 7 million. So claim false imprisionment and get results. 9. Take The Airline To Your Local Small Claims Court If an airline abruptly cancels your flight and leaves you stranded, sue em' for lodging, food and for tickets you have to purchase to get where your going. Chances are, they won't even show up in court and you'll win by default. 10. Ship You Bags Ahead Waiting for bags is a big time waster. So ship em' ahead via DHL, UPS or FedEx and get where your going fast. 11. Take The Train Whenever its practable, take Amtrak for short jaunts like Boston to NYC. In most cases, it's just as fast, more relaxing and cost about the same as a plane.