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Thursday, March 6, 2008

How To Sell Your Gold Jewelry Without Getting Fleeced

If you've got old gold jewelry you'd like to sell, then forget about going to local jewelers or coin shops to get the best price. Most likely, you'll only get 50% of what it's really worth. If you deal directly with a gold broker or refiner, you can expect to get 90% of your gold's value. For starters, gold prices are quoted based on pure gold which is 24 karats. Most jewelry is 14 karat, and is valued at about 59% of the 24 karat price. Also, gold is measured in penny weights and 20 penny weights equals an ounce. To get 90% of your gold's value, you should deal with a reputable gold broker like www.USGoldBuyers.Com To deal with them , you don't have to visit them in person. Just call 877-977-GOLD and they'll arrange to have your jewelry picked up by FedEx and insured for $5,000. If you need more insurance, let them know. Once they receive your gold jewelry, you can can have them call you with a quote or have them send you an immediate check. If you don't like the price offered to you, they will ship your gold back to you at their expense. If you wish to visit them in person, US Gold Buyers is located at 62 W. 47th St, Suite 610, NY NY 10036. The local phone number is 212-764-7586.