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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How To Sell Your House Fast In A Buyers Market

1. Don't Wait Out The Market List your house as soon as you can since it may take up to 180 days to sell your house. 2.Clean It And Fix it In life, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. So don't spend a lot of money for big renovations. Just make sure everything is in good repair. Make sure the door bell works, the carpets and floors are clean, and there are no offensive pet odors. For info on how to choose and outstanding carpet and floor cleaner visit www.AllstateCleaning.com . Then get rid of the clutter. Rent a storage facility and put out only enough furniture out to make it look livable. 3. Price It Right Forget what you think your house was worth three years ago or today. House prices are down anywhere from 14% to 25% all across the nation. Smart buyers will be looking for bargains. So price your house below comparable nearby properties. Keep in mind that renting is still a better deal right now than buying. 4. Hire A Top Gun Realtor Forget the discount brokers, your cousin or the part time realtor down the street. No matter what broker you choose, demand that your house be listed only with the top agent in that office. Interview several agents and ask that they present a marketing plan that goes beyond beyond an internet page, an open house or a yard sign. Also,offer the agent a bonus if he or she sells your house in 30 days at your asking price. Plus make sure your house is listed on website like www.Trulia.com , www.Zillow.com ,www.Cyberhomes.com ,www.Eppraisal.com and www.Realtor.com .Also, list the house on www.Ebay.com and www.Craigslist.org . Think out of the box. Try listing your house in a corporate newsletter or contacting re-location firms in your area and letting them know about your house. 5. Hold The Paper If your house is paid off, consider offering the buyer full or partial financing.This will be in your favor in a tight credit market. Just make sure you use a top real estate lawyer to draw up the papers. If the buyer defaults, the worst that can happen is you take the house back and sell it again. Also to sweeten the pot, you should have your house inspected and market it as a "certified house" like a certifed car. If the inspection reveals problems, you can have them corrected before anybody finds out. To find a certified house inspector, visit www.Ashi.Org and www.Nahi.Org To make your home even more attractive in a buyer's market, you should also offer a home warranty for a $300 to $400 cost. Home warranties are available at www.HomeServiceContract.Org