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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How To Get Out Of Almost Any Service Contract Without Penalties

If you agreed to a 2 year service contract on your broadband or smartphone service ,you may be able to ditch your obligation if your provider changes the terms after you sign up. In December, one phone carrier notified its customers of a 40 cent monthly increase on all lines and a $5 increase on accounts with spending limits. That constitiued a "materially adverse change of contract" as per the carrier's terms. So if your provider alters the terms of your contract and you want to break it, just contact the company in writing ( certified mail is best ) within the time period specified in your contract. It is usually 30 to 60 days. Make it clear in your letter that you are leaving because of the "materially adverse" nature of the change. P.S. If you found this post helpful,please forward it to your family and friends.