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Friday, October 8, 2010

Hate To Be Put On Hold? Lucy Phone Can Help You For FREE

Lucy Phone promises that you'll never wait on hold again. Here's how the free service works: You type in  the toll-free customer service number you want to call at http://www.lucyphone.com/ , on Facebook or through your iPhone app. You enter your phone number and click "Start". In a moment, your phone rings. It's Lucy, who asks you to press 1 to connect with the company you want. Once connected, you navigate the customer service menu. When you get to where you want to go, if you're put on hold, you press "**" and hang up. You then go about your business while Lucy Phone keeps your place in the customer service line. When an agent becomes available, he or she is asked to press 1 to reach you. Your phone rings and then you're connected. Lucy Phone is great for calling the IRS, Social Security, Motor Vehicles and other bureaucratic  state and federal government lines that put you on hold forever.

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on hold messages said...

This is good but I get the impression that you'll still have to wait. What if you forget that you're on hold? What if the rep on the other line hangs up on you?