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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How To Avoid The Hidden Dangers In Your Clothes And Bedding

Wrinkle free fabrics contain perfluorochemicals ( pfcs) for stain and wrinkle resistance. Clothing labeled no iron, permanent press and wrinkle free often contain pfcs. They last long because they are hard to break down.They accumulate in the body and been linked to reproductive toxicity and liver problems.The chemicals in clothing may be absorbed through the skin or inhaled when they out gas.
Numerous cyclesin the wash may release some but not all. Also, synthetic fibers, contain polyvinyl chlorides a known carcinogen.So to play it safe, try to wear clothes made from 100% natural fibers like cotton and wool. 
Dry Cleaning Dangers  In dry cleaning, a chemical called perchloroethylene (perc)is used to saturate clothing to remove dirt and stains. But a lot of the solution remains in the clothing fibers after cleaning is done. Exposure to perc had been linked to kidney and liver damage. Plus it causes cancer in lab rats. Even short term exposure results in dizziness, headaches and rapid heart rate. One study found that elevated levels of perc remained in clothing after dry cleaning for 48 hours. California and other states have mandated that dry cleaners stop using perc by 2023. In the meantime, you can air out your perc dry cleaned clothes by removing the plastic and hanging them outdoors or in a garage for one or two days. Also, make sure you wear a barrier like a T-shirt when you wear clothes dry cleaned in perc. You can also find a green dry cleaner that uses liquid carbon dioxide instead of perc. 

Problems With Mattresses Most innerspring and foam mattresses and made from polyurethane It is so flammable its considered solid gasoline. To neutralize that, makers are required to add flame retardants to the mattresses. Before 2005,  these  included  highly toxic polybrominated ethers and heavy metal antimonies that disrupt hormone activity and may interfere with normal brain functions. If you're sleeping on a mattress made prior to 2005, consider replacing it with an organic mattress made from natural latex and or wool. If you buy a synthetic mattress, take off the outer wrapping and let air out for a few days outdoors or in a garage. You can also  purchase a natural latex mattress topper or one  made from cotton or wool  to act as a barrier between you and the flame retardant materials.

If It Smells Clean It Could It Could Be Bad For Your Health The National Academy of Science reports that up to 95%  of  substances used to make fragrances for  detergents, plug-in  air fresheners,  fabric softener,  are made from petroleum  that can trigger asthma,  and may cause  problems  with the nervous system.  So when you can, try to use  non-toxic  natural fabric softeners and detergents around the house. Also, you can find  reusable clothes dryer sheets online  that are not coated with chemicals.   


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