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Sunday, April 17, 2011

9 Top Wilderness Survival Tips

1. Charging Lion, Tiger Or Bear   These animals like to mock charge so its best to stand your ground or even fight back. The minute you run, it tells the animal you're prey.  2. When You're Lost don't stay put. People who walk 600 yards may see a cabin or a road. Those who stay put don't see that. 3. When Your Lost In The Woods  look for a stream. All streams lead to rivers, and rivers lead to lakes and people.
4. The Best Way To Determine of its  Direction is to put a three foot stick in the ground and mark the tip of its shadow. That's west, no matter where you are. Wait for the shadow to move , 10 to 15 minutes,  and mark the tip of the shadow again. The line between those tips is east-west. 5. To Escape From Quicksand flop forward and splay your body out onto drier ground. If you stay perpendicular, you're going down. 6. The Best Defense Against A Shark is to punch it on the nose as hard as you can. All predators fear being injured because they need their faces to survive. 7. The Best Sustenance For Being Stranded In A Blizzard is to eat bark from a pine tree.  8. What To Drink When Adrift At Sea Urine will work for the short term, and sea water is too salty. So make a solar still but covering a cup of ocean water with a piece of plastic and it will  collect salt free condensation a few droplets at a time. 9. How To Tell If A Plant Is Safe To Eat When Stranded In The Wild   First rub the plant on your body the wait 45 minutes  for a reaction. If none, touch the plant to your lips and wait 5 minutes. If all is OK then hold it on your tongue for 15 minutes. If there is no reaction, swallow and wait 8 hours. t.If you get no reaction, the plant is safe to eat.

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