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Friday, January 6, 2012

Seven Ways To Get A Cheap Flight

1. Buy Tickets at 3pm EST On Tuesday Most sale fares kick in on Monday at 8pm and by Thursday 8pm the sale is over.

2. Compare Prices at least 3 months in advance and check   www.Kayak.com , www.Expedia.com, www.PriceLine.com , www.Travelocity.com and www.FareCompare.com . That's because one system can traill another by 5 hours. So be sure to check the airline's site which charges slightly less than 3 rd party sites since there's no commission. 

3. Forget Weekends    Don't fly on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday night and Monday morning to get the best price.

4. Fly Hungry  The cheapest flights take off at dawn, around lunchtime, and after 6pm.

5.Consider A Connecting Flight  They're usually cheaper than non-stops especially on international routes.

6. Shop For One Seat Only  If you're travelling with a group, establish the base price for one person and compare it for a price for all. That's because reservation systems are programmed to bump up groups to the next price level.

7. Book Well In Advance That's because you'll pay a premium  if you book within 7 to 14 days of travel.   

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