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Thursday, July 11, 2013

How To Get Anybody To Like You In Two Minutes Or less

If you want to make new friends or land new clients or a new job, the you need to make a great first impression fast. That's because people form permanent opinions about you within just  a few minutes of meeting you.  So here are 11 easy ways to make people like you:

1. Use a slow flooding smile  It's always a good idea to smile but switching on a 100 watt smile can make you seem phony. Instead, let your smile build slowly when you make eye contact. This sends a message that there is something about this person you like.

2. Have "sticky" eyes  People are inclined to like and trust those who make eye contact. If you're not a natural at making eye contact, then  make it a habit to note the specific characteristics about a acquaintances' eyes. Note the color, the shape, how far apart they are, the length of the lashes, and how often they blink.  
Noting these nuances will help you make good eye contact. Do break eye contact occasionally if you notice the other person seems uncomfortable. Just don't do it abruptly. Make sure you break eye contact slowly as if your gaze was stuck on this person and you find it hard to pull away.

3. Select an open welcoming body position Arrange yourself so that your torso is mostly but not completely facing the person you just met. Then during the first few minutes of conversation, very slowly and slightly move your body to face the other person. The only exception to this is when a man is meeting a woman for the first time. In this instance, the man should stop a few degrees short of  angling his  upper body towards her.

4. Stand with one foot a few inches forward of the other By putting most of your weight on the forward foot suggests that you  are an energetic person and that you are interested in the person to whom you are speaking.

5. Find your conversation partner's comfort zone Stand too close to a person and you will make them feel uncomfortable. If you stand too far away, and they may not feel a connection with  you. So the best strategy is to stand 26 to 28 inches away and slowly move in closer until you see discomfort in the other person's eyes. Then ease back until the discomfort disappears.

6. When you shake hands, very gently touch your forefinger to the other person's wrist Aim for the spot on the underside of the wrist where you would normally  take a pulse. This is a very sensitive spot and touching it tends to foster a feeling of warmth even though your contact may not be consciously  noticed.

7. Begin with a conversation starter Questions that make great ice breakers include, "What do you do?" followed by "How did you decide you wanted to do that?" Or to couples ask, "How did you two meet?"

9. Slowly nod when people speak This sends a message of acceptance and encouragement which makes people feel in sync with us. If you're a woman, do not nod if a man is saying something with which you completely disagree. If you're a man, keep in mind that women tend to interpret nodding as "I understand" not "I agree."

10. Listen for words that suggest people's interest The words people use in passing will give you hints to their true interests. For instance, if small talk is about the weather and someone says " At least my plants will get some rain." You should say, "Do you have a garden?"  Or if someone says, "Its too hot to walk my dogs." You should respond with " What kind of dogs do you have?"

11. Treat business cards with respect A business card symbolizes some one's professional accomplishments. Showing respect for the card shows respect for the person. So hold the card gently in your hands. Then pause to read it then carefully place it in your briefcase, wallet or purse. Never just jam a   a card in your pocket.

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