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Sunday, July 28, 2013

How To Grill An Awesome Burger

1. Choose Fatty Meat  Start with chuck that is 20% fat.

2. Mix A Secret Powder Into The Meat - This incredible powder make you want one bite after another. To make it, combine 6 tablespoons of porcini powder, two tablespoons portabella powder, two table spoons of Worcestershire powder, two tablespoons onion powder, and two tablespoons of garlic powder. Use one tablespoon of the mixture per pound of meat. The powders can be purchased at specialty stores or online at Amazon.com.

3. Form Flat Patties - Make loose balls of meat 6 to 8 ounces in size, then flatten these balls into patties about 1/2 inch thick. Don't pack these patties  very tight , and don't leave the center thicker than the edges since thick in the middle patties don't cook evenly. Next, use two fingers to press a dimple roughly one quarter inch deep into the middle of one side of the patty. This divot prevents the burger from puffing up in the middle as it cooks.

4. Season The Patties On Both Sides with kosher salt and cracked pepper right before you grill them.
Season too soon and the salt will dry out the meat.

5. Let The Patties Cook Undisturbed on high  heat( 600F-800F)   for two to three minutes. Peak gently underneath after two minutes. If the patties lift easily off the grill and are golden brown underneath, it's time to flip them. If not, let them continue to cook for up to an additional minute. DO NOT poke, prod or push down on the patties as they cook. That just pushes juice and flavor out of the meat. Then move the patties away from the highest heat to cook further without burning.

6. Use A Meat Thermometer To Monitor Temperature After Flipping - Cook to 160 degrees for safety. You might want to consider buying a Thermapen digital thermometer favored by pros for its fast accurate readings. About $96 at Thermoworks.Com.

7. Let The Burgers Rest for 5 minutes before eating. This allows the juices to distribute throughout the meat and keeps the juice from spilling out onto your plate after the first bite.       

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