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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ten Things You Should Never Buy On Black Friday

Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday do represent days when you can get really good deals. But there are a handful of items that top mine and nearly everyone else’s Christmas list that will not be good deals that day or for the rest of this month. To get the best deal, the trick is to wait. Hold off on buying these 10 things until December or January to get the lowest prices of the year.

What pray tell are these items? Like we said they are items that frequently top our Christmas lists. Let’s go through them and examine why it’s better to wait to buy these items till the holiday season is nearly over. 


You’ll see advertisements in every major retailer shouting they’ve got this year’s hot, new toy for the kids on sale and you should buy from them. Well they got it half right. They probably do have that toy on sale that your child or grandchild asked Santa for. But they’re telling a white lie when it comes to price.

Toys are never a good item to purchase way in advance of Christmas and that includes buying it on Black Friday. Between this Friday and Christmas retailers will mark down toys each week they don’t sell out. To get the best deal on any toy your child wants wait until the week of Christmas to buy it.


Every man wants a thinner, lighter, more high-tech television for Christmas that’s why they are such popular gifts each year. It’s also why retailers put so much of their stock on sale on Black Friday.

I want you to take a second look at the ad’s you’ve seen for new TV’s. Are they for brands you know and trust? Probably not. The TV’s that go on sale on Black Friday tend to be ones by third tier manufacturers.  

If you wait a few weeks, till the end of December the name brand TV’s will go on sale and they’ll be at rock bottom prices. Holding off till late December can snag you a brand name TV for 20-25 percent off list price.

As with most things high tech, if you’re buying the latest and the greatest versions on the market, you’re not going to be getting a huge discount. To get the best deal on a new TV look at last year’s models. If you are waiting for a little monetary help from Santa Claus to buy a new TV, don’t worry great post-holiday sales stretch into the first weeks of January. So you don’t need to rush out the day after Christmas to buy.


This is the second worst time of year to be buying jewelry, the only time worse is the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Despite the ad’s proclaiming sales and deals at every jewelry store across America they are anything but right now.

Despite this fact, December is the most popular month to get engaged. If you absolutely must buy a diamond ring or any other kind of jewelry wait until the days just before Christmas, you might be able to get a little bit knocked off the list price.

If you can wait, you’ll get the best deal of the whole year in the summer months. AS you probably guessed there is no demand for jewel encrusted baubles during that time so jewelers hold big sales to try to entice customers to buy.

Cell Phones

Cell phones have become the go-to gift for kids over the last five years. Since Apple released their new iPhone two months ago I’m betting many teenagers will be unwrapping it on Christmas day.

If you plan to give this gift this holiday season hold off until later on in December to buy it. There may be a good deal here and there on Black Friday depending on where you live, but for the most part the longer you wait, the better the deal you’ll probably get. AS with a few other gifts on this list, the last few days before Christmas will net you the best deal on a new cell phone.

The second cheapest month to buy a new cell phone? June. Cell phones have become the go-to gift for graduates.

Holiday Collectibles

Those reindeer mugs and holiday themed dishware you see for sale at department stores are cute, but they are not cheap this time of year. Stores started putting holiday collectibles like china, stemware, dolls, ornaments, and such on their shelves earlier this month.

You won’t be getting any kind of deal on them on Black Friday or anytime in December. You’ll have to wait till after New Year’s for prices to come down off list price. That goes for Christmas decorations too, you have to wait till the season is over for the deals to show up.

The caveat to waiting is that there are no guarantees that the item you want will still be in stock. Holiday collectibles are sold in very limited quantities. So if you see something you just have to have, I recommend you buy it now, just know you are paying full price.

Exercise Equipment

Those of us who are looking to get a head start on our New Year’s resolution to lose weight this year, should resolve themselves to wait till January to do so. As with cell phones a few lucky people may find great deals, but the majority will be found after the New Year rolls in. That’s when retailers know most people buy exercise equipment so they hold major sales to entice customers to purchase fitness gear from them instead of their competitors.

Calendars and Planners

By this time of year you start to realize you need a new calendar. Appointments and kids activities need to be marked down for the next month or two but you need next year’s calendar in order to do so.

Even though we all need a new one, right now is the absolute worst time to buy one. These and other office items are at full price and will stay that way until after New Year’s. By holding off on buying a new one until January you’ll save yourself 20-40 percent off list price. Not a bad deal if you can wait.

Winter Apparel

You’ve probably been receiving tons of coupons over the last week from your favorite retailers. They want you to think you can get a great deal on a coat, boots, sweaters, and other winter apparel if you come to their store on Black Friday. The coupons probably seem like a great deal, most likely you’ve gotten ones advertising 10-20 percent off, along with any sales they’ve promised. But you’ll get an even better deal if you can wait to purchase any of these winter items till mid to late January. By then retailers will have moved most of their winter merchandise to the clearance rack.

Digital Cameras

One thing I know for sure is that every big box electronics retailer will be advertising deals on their digital cameras this Friday. The deals will seem good, but they’ll get even better if you can hold off until February.

You see the Consumer Electronics Show is held every year in January. This is where every manufacturer shows off their new models. After January 10th the show will be over and retailers will begin to mark down their 2013 models to make room for the next generation cameras. The longer you hold off, the better the deal you’ll get. You’ll start to see the deals roll out in January and get better and better through February.

Bedding and Blankets

Who doesn’t love getting a super soft throw blanket to curl up with while the temperatures are dropping? These and other bedding essentials are great gifts, but retailers are not running great prices on them right now.  Bedding and other linens fall to their lowest prices of the year after the holidays during the annual “White Sale” which occurs in mid-January and early February.

While having to wait another week to get going on your Christmas list and find good deals definitely isn’t fun, knowing that you will be getting a better deal than everyone else who is scrambling around on Black Friday sure is! Being a last minute shopper is never desirable, but it can yield you some amazing deals. So if you are dreading fighting the crowds and trying to find parking on Friday don’t feel you have to go out! It pays to wait if you are planning on purchasing any of these 10 items for people on your Christmas list.

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