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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

23 Secrets Your Supermarket Hopes You Never Find Out

1. Shopping carts have gotten bigger so you buy 19% more groceries.

2. A 6 pack of soda is now a 12 pack so you start drinking 12 cans of soda
 a week instead of 6.

3. The average person only remembers the price of milk, bread, bananas and eggs.
So bring  last week's receipt with you so you don't over pay for stuff you buy every week.

 4. About 60% of shoppers ditch products as they check out. So they made the check
 out lanes narrower so its harder to dump goods at the last minute. So don't be shy about
 handing products back to the cashier or just putting them on the floor.

 5. Supermarkets can't compete with Walmart on price.

 6. The average apple is 14 months old or older.

 7. Some of the same cheeses behind the deli case are available in the dairy
 case much cheaper.

 8. The French, Italian and white bread are made with the same dough but shaped differently.

 9. If you see an item that will expire the next day, ask to have it marked down at
     least 50% since they have to throw it out anyway.

10. In the produce department, individual fruits and veggies are almost always
     cheaper thanthose grouped in mesh bags.

 11. Just because something is advertised in a circular doesn't mean its on sale.

 12. The milk sold at drug and convenience stores is always 30 to 50 cents
       cheaper than supermarkets.

 13. Never buy hot pizza from the deli since its usually the same store brand pizza
       in the freezer section at half the price per slice.

 14  There is usually very little difference between the taste of prepackaged
      deli items and fresh sliced items. But you're paying $1 to $2 per pound
       more for the same product.

 15. The best days to shop are Monday and Tuesday. Avoid weekends at all costs.

 16.  Fresh bread is given to you in a paper bag so it goes stale faster
  and you have to buy more. So when you get home, put it in a plastic to stay fresher longer.

 17.  At the fresh seafood counter, most items were previously frozen.
        So buy your seafood in the frozen section and pay 40% less.      
        Plus you won't have to use right away since its frozen.

 18.  Its always 30% cheaper to buy a large cut of meat and have it trimmed
        for you instead of buying it already cut.

 19. You butcher usually  marks down meat between 8am and 10am. Find out when.

 20. You save $3 to $5 a pound when you buy fillet Mignon that's on a whole T-bone steak.

 21. Veggies and fruits that don't sell are recycled into prepared foods.

 22. The carts NEVER get cleaned. So wipe yours down with a handy wipe.

 23. When you buy prepackaged ground meat in a tube or foam container,
       it may have come from hundreds of cows. And it if one of those cows
       had E coli, its in your hamburger. So ask the meat cutter to grind you meat
       in the store since its coming from one cow. 




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