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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Top Secret New York City Restaurants

New York City has many secret restaurants—many of which have turned that secrecy into a virtue. Some have no signage, phone number, email address or website, so you'll have to take your chances. In other parts of the world, such obstacles might be a detriment. Here, it's catnip. That's one way to account for the longtime success  of Freeman's.  http://www.freemansrestaurant.com/ down a hidden alleyway, or Sakagura, a Japanese izakaya tucked inside a Midtown office building. A mysterious green door is the only clue giving away the entrance to the West Village's Hudson Clearwater. And unless you were already hip to Brad Farmerie's fabulous restaurant, Public, in NoLIta, it would be hard to know about his clandestine lounge inside it, The Daily. Same goes for David Bouley's Brushstroke, in TriBeCa, where a phenomenal sushi bar, Ichimura, is attached. In Brooklyn, the high-end Blanca is camouflaged within the funky Roberta's complex.

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