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Monday, May 16, 2016

How To Avoid Sticker Shock When Buying Eyeglasses

One company controls 95% of the designer eyeglass and sun glass market worldwide. They even own several large eyeglass and department store chains throughout the US and the world! So they make  and sell them too.  And a $300+ pair of designer eyeglass frames cost around $30 to make. In addition, if the designer glasses say "made in Italy" they are usually made in China. That's because Italy has a law that allows eye glass manufacturers to have all the components made in China as long as the eye glasses go through a minor assembly process in Italy.  To add more fuel to fire, some states require you to visit an optician to determine the pupillary distance between your pupils. So that means that by law, your optician or eye glass store doesn't have to tell you what that distance is. That's how they insure that you don't go to another store or chain to buy glasses. If you do, you'll need another eye exam to determine you measurements. Yet, there is one company that is making sure everyone has the right to see. They have a zillion high quality designer eyeglass and sun glass frames for just $95 and you can shop at home. Or you can visit a store in Philly or NYC , order your glasses and then have them shipped to your home.  Plus it's all backed by a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee and and one year no scratch lense warranty. And no, we don't make a penny from recommending this company. We just like the fact that they put people before profits.So go ahead , avoid eyeglass sticker shock, beat the system and  shop at https://www.WarbyParker.Com    

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