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Monday, July 18, 2016

Four Dirty MLM Network Marketing Secrets They Don't Want You To Know

1.Lousy Success Rates - Analysis of the the top 12 multilevel marketing companies shows an average success rate of just 0.3%. Since the average success rate of a conventional business is 50%, multilevel marketing should be avoided at all costs. Because you can increase your chance of success starting a conventional business by 200%..

2. A Non-Exclusive Product with an unprotected territory sold to an endless number of people is a recipe for a lot of people working for free or next to nothing.

3. Overpriced And Over-Hyped Products On average, products sold through network marketing cost 500% to 600% more than their store bought counterparts.

4. Deceptive Compensation Plans 99% of the people pushing an opportunity can't explain the compensation plan. That's because its a clever and effective way to steal from the distributor sales force.
Almost every multilevel company does not pay commissions on products sold. Instead, they assign a Point Value (PV) or Commission Value ( CV) to every sale. In many cases, when someone orders a $100 worth of products,  your PV or CV may only be $50 to $80. Then your  PV or CV is subject to "breakage". Breakage occurs in a number of ways but the results are always the same. You end up not being paid on volume generated in your down line because you did not "qualify" to earn commissions through deceptive means.

Based on these facts, network marketing should be avoided like the plague.    


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