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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How To Spruce Up Your Kitchen For Under $1,000

A full kitchen renovation can cost north of
20,000. Besides a new coat of paint and some
new hardware, here are some dandy ways to
spruce up your kitchen for under $1,000.

1. Replace undepowered bulbs and flush mount
ceiling lights.

Insufficient lighting is a big reason why many older
kitchens look dated and dingy.  So, for a few hundred
dollars, you could replace "flush mount" overhead
lighting fixtures with "semi-flush fixtures. They extend
down a foot from the ceiling. They are more attractive
and do a better job of distributing light in the room.
One example is the Feiss.Com Boulevard Indoor Semi-
Flush Mount light in oil-rubbed bronze for $159.

2. Install laminate countertops and backsplashes
that look like high-end stone.

A good pick would be Formica 180fx laminate that
mimics marble, granite or tavertine. Yet, it can be found
for $100 to $200 per 48 inch x 96 inch sheet.You
could have it installed for about $1,000. Granite would
be twice that. If new countertops aren't in your budget
then consider installing a painted bead board backsplash.
They cost around $20 per 48 inch by 8 inch panel.
You could also choose large 18 inch by 18 inch tiles
which mean less tiles and grout work for less than $3
a square foot. 

3. Replace the countertop microwave.
For under $200, you could replace an old or low
end microwave with a new one that looks modern
and stylish.

4. Update the inside of your cabinets with roll-
outs, stacked shevles, and cutlery holders.

Besides painting your kitchen cabinets, you can
purchase aftermarket kitchen products that can
transform old cabinets into modern functional
storage spaces. The ContainerStore.Com has the best

5. Add a rolling or free standing island.
These are available at home centers for $500 or less
as opposed to permanent islands that cost thousands.
However, they're not right for every kitchen. If there
isn't room to position the island at least 36 inches from
the main kitchen counters, it will make the kitchen
feel cramped. If you decide on a rolling island, make
sure its wheels lock if you have vinyl or softwood
kitchen floors. Also, the island should be relatively
light weight so it won't damage your flooring.

6. Install or expand moldings
Crown moldings, which run along the top edge of
walls, decorative baseboards which run along the
bottom edge, and decorative door and window
casings can make a plain kitchen seem upscale.
An example would be to replace standard two
inch high baseboards with decorative five inch
baseboards. These all can be done for under $500
if you tackle it yourself.

7. Hang colorful window coverings
Brightly colored kitchen curtains or shades can
instantly make a dull kitchen seem more stylish
and interesting. In fact, it is the cheapest and
easiest way to update a kitchen that has mostly
whites and neutral tones.

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