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Sunday, August 27, 2017

How To Increase Your Home’s Value By $16,0000 For $200

A new analysis of more than 32,000 home pics showed a home value increase just by painting the walls in popular colors.

Paint  your front door navy blue and watch your home value rise by $1500. To rack up another $1500, make sure the home exterior is and mix of gray and beige. Then pocket an extra $1800 in value by painting the kitchen walls in light blue or soft gray blue.

Switch our your living room walls to light beige, pale taupe or oatmeal and watch your home’s value soar another $1800. Then cover the bedroom walls in light cerulean blue or cadet blue and score another $1800 in worth.

Then do the dining room walls in slate blue, pale gray blue or navy blue and notch up another cool $1900 in value. Then paint the bathroom in light powder blue to periwinkle and watch your home’s value jump another $5400. A few hundred dollars in paint, some elbow grease and  get ready to score an extra $16,000 when you sell your house.   


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