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Monday, August 7, 2017

Nine Things Happy People DON'T Do

1. Happy people DON’T blame other people for their problems.
If we take responsibility for our problems, then we take responsibility for
solving those problems.

2. Happy people DON’T react to the present moment.
If we catch ourselves fearing that a negative recent event is devastating or
is? permanent, we should ask ourselves, what can we learn from this? Or
how can we become wiser and /or stronger from this?

3. Happy people DON’T use negative language. If we catch ourselves
using negative language toward ourselves and others, we should mentally
re-write the story we’re telling.  An example would be if we think we look
awful each time we notice wrinkles, we should learn to respect the wrinkles
as signs of wisdom and experience.

4. Happy people DON’T feel trapped. When we feel trapped by circumstances
we should ask ourselves how we can manage ourselves better.

5. Happy people DON’T focus on a single passion or relationship. They
usually have multiple hobbies, belong to multiple clubs or organizations ,and
socialize with a broad range of different friends and acquaintances.   

6. Happy people DON’T dwell on past failures. When an old failure comes
to mind, we should think about how we re-bounded from it, when we learned from
it or what we could learn from it.

7. Happy people DON'T spend more time than necessary around unhappy people.
We should avoid unhappy people. When we must spend time among them, we should
 it as a learning experience . Then we should try to discover what makes these people so
miserable so we can manage and identify similar tendencies in ourselves.

8. Happy people DON’T gossip. If they are told something in confidence, they keep
it secret. If they have something critical to say about a person, they either say it directly
to the person or they  don’t say it all. Instead, if we feel the urge to talk about someone
behind their back, we should ask ourselves, How can we use this time to improve our
own lives? 

9. Happy people DON’T procrastinate. They usually get unpleasant tasks over with
so they can move on to happier things.  They understand that putting off an unpleasant
task doesn’t make it any more unpleasant.

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