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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Buy Wines Below Retail At Auction

The best way to buy some decent wines way below retail is to attend wine auctions. Leave the over priced rare wines to the high end bidders and concentrate on the wines that have low reserves or low starting bids. There are 5 auction houses in NY, 2 in IL, and one in CA. The New York houses are: www.Ackerwines.Com,www.MorrellWineAuctions.Com, www.Zachys.com , www.Christies.com and www.Sothebys.com. In IL see www.Eriwine.com and www.Tcwc.com and www.Hdhwine.com . In CA it's www.Bonhams.com.

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Buy Dom Perignon said...

Good suggestion to buy wines, surely i'll follow ur instructions.