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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How To Save 50% Or More On Moving Costs

When choosing a mover, forget the yellow pages. Go to www.moving.org and click on "how to choose a certified mover". Then choose several movers in your area and check out their complaint records at www.bbb.org Then get bids from at least three firms. Interstate moves cost the most. A typical household move of 1200 miles and 8,000 pounds of stuff runs about $3,000. But if you move in October or May, you'll save about 10% during these months. To save even more money, pack your own boxes. Most movers charge an additional $1,000 to pack and unpack you boxes. And you can buy your own packing supplies for 20% less than movers charge at www.BoxesDelivered.com and at www.OnlineMovingBoxes.com When you hire a full service mover, insist on going with the driver to the weigh station twice. Once to see what the van weighs empty and next to see the weight after the van is loaded. If not, the company may jack up the weight and charge you more if you're not present during both weigh-ins. You can save up to 50% or more if you do your own move by renting a van from U-Haul, Rider or Penske. But an even smarter option is to contact www.Upack.com, or www.DoorToDoor.com. These two companies will leave a trailer outside your house. You pack the boxes on and unload them when they get to their destination. They pick up the trailer when its loaded and drop it off at your new location. For a 2,000 mile move, a U-Haul would cost you about $3,000. But if you call one of the drop trailer companies, it just $50 more than renting a U-haul and you leave the driving to them! However, if you called a full service mover they would charge you about $6,000! The drop off trailer companies are the best option to save money. Also, you may be able to write off all your moving expenses if your new workplace is at least 50 miles father from your old home than your old workplace. Check with the IRS or your accountant for full details.

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