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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Best Chinese Restaurants In LA

There are more Chinese in LA that any metro area outside of Peking. So LA is the place to be when searching for fabulous chinese food. The five best Chinese eateries in Los Angeles are: Foo Chow, 949 North Hill St, 213-485-1294. $15 pp. Chung King ,206 S. Garfield Ave,Monterey Park, 626-280-7430. $15 pp. Chang's Garden , 627 W. Duarte Rd, Arcadia,626-445-0606. $20 pp. Mission 621, 261 S. Mission Dr. San Gabriel,626-588-1666. $25 pp. Triumphal Palace, 500 W. Main St,Alhambra, 626-308-3222. $30pp.

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