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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Six Tips On How To Buy Diamonds At Auction

1. Buying At Auction: When you buy a diamond at a reputable auction house like Christie's or Sotheby's, expect to save from 25% to %50 off retail prices. 2.Investing : Don't buy diamonds for investments. Diamonds just about keep up with the rate of inflation. 3.Diamond Cuts:Round diamonds have the most sparkle. Fancy shapes like pear, marquis,emerald and heart shaped have more weight retention and are reserved for weights 10 carats or more. 4.Carat Size: Carat weight can be an illusion since a high carat stone may not look large and a stone can appear larger than it's true weight.To reflect light properly and sparkle, a diamond should be properly proportioned. 5.Diamond Clarity: To most people, the beauty of a stone is not diminished by internal perfections. Keep in mind that clarity gradings are made under magnification. So until you hit a grade labeled imperfect, most flaws are not visible to the naked eye. So when it comes to clarity, diamond buyers can save big money. 6.Diamiond Color: Unless you're buying a colored diamond, always buy the whitest diamond you can afford. So you can save more money on a stone that has a slight amount of color. Like clarity, stones are graded for color under clinical conditions at grades D,E F and G. To the naked eye, it's very difficult to discern color without a jeweler's loupe. But stay away from stones rated at H or lower. Whether you buy a diamond at auction or at a store, make sure you insure the diamond for all types of loss before you take it home.

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