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Monday, December 4, 2006

Make Free International Calls To Over 50 Countries

To make free international phone calls to over 50 countries and Canada simply call 712-429-8888, 712-338-8288 or 641-297-8888 from your home, office or mobile phone to be connected to a gateway. Once it answers, just follow the pre-recorded message. For Canada dial 1 plus the area code and number. The country code for the USA is 011. You'll also need to know the country code for the country you're calling and the city code. For instance, to call Venice, Italy, you first dial the country code from where you're calling which is 011 for the USA. Then dial the country code for the country you're calling which is 39 for Italy, and then the city code for Venice which is 41. Then you dial the number. Some phone numbers may already have the city code included in the number. Wait a few moments for your call to ring through and then enjoy your free call. Keep in mind that 712-429-8888, 712-338-8288 and 641-297-8888 are domestic toll calls to Iowa if you do not have VOIP, free evenings and weekends on your mobile or unlimited long distance on your land line. For more details see: www.FreeCallPlanet.Com . You can also visit www.FuturePhone.Com