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Saturday, August 30, 2008

How To Save Thousands On Printer Ink

If you use a laser or inkjet printer on a regular basis you know that printers routinely demand that their ink or toner cartridges be replaced when pages come out dark and crisp. That's because printer makers make more money on selling you ink than selling you a printer. On most printers, there is a way to overide the software so the ink or toner cartridge prints until it's actually empty. To find out how your printer work, go to Google, and type in the following search terms: "how to override the low ink sensor on printers". This search will produce a number of sites that will help you override your printer's software. Also, never buy original ink cartriges no mater what the manufacturer says. Our Epson printer uses $21 cartridges that we routinely buy on line for $3 ea. Since you have to order online, at $3 each, you can afford to stockpile the cartridge you need according to how many you use a month. One good source for cheap ink is: www.Megatoners.Com Keep in mind some sites are cheaper than others for your particular printer. So do a Google search like "cheapest ink for (your printers name & number)" will give you tons of hits. Make sure you look at least 20 sites to get the cheapest price. Do not buy from sites that do not list a physical address, that do not have a phone number and that do not offer a 100% money-back guarantee on their remanufactured inks.