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Saturday, May 30, 2009

How To Eat Steak On A Hamburger Budget

The pre-cut, pre-packaged meats you see at the supermarket are grossly over priced. You can request much cheaper and equally delicious alternatives from the butcher working behind the meat counter where you shop. Instead of Rib Eye Steak at $13 lb, you can buy Chuck Eye for about $2 lb. Ask your butcher to cut a 4 inch roast off the front of a bonless chuck, peel out the chuck eye, and cut it into steaks. Instead of buying Beef Short Ribs at $5 lb, buy Flatiron at $2 lb.Wait until there is a sale on cross rib roasts which happens all the time. Then ask your butcher to carve a flatiron roast out of the cross rib. Then have him cut up the flatrion into boneless country-style ribs. Instead of buying Lean Ground Beef at $7 lb, buy Bottom Round a lean, meaty beef cut at $2 lb. Just ask your butcher to grind up a bottom round roast for you. Instead of opting for Pork Tenderloin at $6 lb, ask for Boneless Loin Roast at $2 lb. Ask the butcher to carve an entire roast or cut it into medallions fro frying, chunks for BBQ's, oe thin slices for strir-fry. Roasting Chickens or large whole frying chickens are $1.69 lb. Instead, buy pre-packaged Whole Fryers at .69 to 1.29 lb. You can also buy dark meat hindquarters at .59 lb. Instead of buying Veal at $13 lb, get Boneless Pork Sirloin at$2 lb. Its a tender cut from the backbone of the hog that has the same color and mild flavor as veal. Ask your butcher to slice it very thin and it makes a great substitute for veal in veal Parmesan and veal Scalopini. Instead of buying Italian Sausage at $4 lb, get Pork Shoulder Butt at $2 lb. Have your butcher grind it then you can easily mix it with Italian or breakfast sausage seasoning yourself. Without seasoning, its a great substitute for ground beef. If you buy organic meats, you can cut the price of organic cuts by 66% by using this tips.