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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Best Way To Find A Job

The odds of finding a job mailing out resumes is just 7%. When you respond to ads in a professional journal your odds of success are still static at 7%. Responding to job on the internet gives you a slight boost at 10%. Responding to newspaper ads gives you the lowest odds of success at 5%. But it could jump to 24% if you're looking for a minimum wage job. Working with a private employment agency only gives you a 5% success rate since employers don't feel the need to pay private search firms in a down economy. However, your odds of finding a job by networking jumps to 33% because employers love to hire people based on personal recommendations from trusted employees and cntacts. If you don't mind knocking on doors unannounced your odds of success will jump to 47%. But this tactic doesn't work well with large companies. So limit this method to companies with 50 employees or less. Calling companies out of the yellow or white pages can boost your chances of finding a job to 69%. Just ask for the owner and briefly explain your background or skills. Then ask if he or she knows anyone who would be interested in hiring someone like you. Keep in mind this won't work with large companies that have voice mail systems and operators. The best odds of finding a job jumps to 70% when you partner with others to form a job hunting group. Just put together a group of job seekers like yourself and agree to keep any eye out for each other for jobs for people in the group. You could meet once a week at a coffee house or someone's home to trade job info and strategies.