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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Natural Swine Flu Remedies

If you don't plan on getting the swine flu vaccine, or if it is not available in your area, here are some natural remedies that may protect you. If you would like to improve your immune system and take preventative steps, then you should take an Astragalus capsule once or twice a day before meals. If you start to notice the signs of swine flu symptoms, then you should take Oscillococinum (pronounced o-sill-cox-see-num)capsules which may reduce the severity and duration of the flu.Another potent remedy against swine flu are chinese herb formulas. They often have an antiviral effect and may increase your immunity. The best and purest brand of Chinese herbs is Wellness Formula by Source Naturals. Just make sure you only buy formultaions made in the USA since formulations made in China may contain toxic levels of mercury. Another great antiviral supplement is Black Elderberry. And naturally, before you take any supplement for a medical condition you should always first consult your doctor.