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Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Book Reveals Hidden Dangers Of Cell Phones,Cordless Phones,WiFi & Microwaves

A new book titled Public Health SOS, The Shadow Side Of The Wireless Revolution by Camilla Rees stated that in 2007, The American Journal of Epidemiology reported that cell phone users who spent more than 22 hours a month on their cell phones were 58% more likely to develop tumors of the salivary gland then those who didn't use cell phoneas as often. Studies funded by the cell phone industry show that cell phones are safe. However, they usually last 6 years or less which is not long enough for a tumor to develop. Plus cell phone studies define heavy use as just a few hours a week. So to be safe, use cell phones only for emergencies or to retrive messages. Return all calls on a land line phone. Also, regularly switch the cell phone from one side of the head to another to minimise one side radiation exposure. Also, turn off your cell phone when not expecting a call because cell phones send and recive signals even when you're not talking. Another good habit is don't let the cell phone tocuh your ear or body parts. When talking, hold it at least one inch away from your head or use the walkie-talkie feature. Naturally, text-messaging is safer because the phone is away from your head. Bluetooth technology uses radiation but it is less than levels generated by your cell phone. To be safe, use a pneumatic plastic tube ear piece to reduce your exposure to radiation. A company called Mercola sells these headsets. You can visit their website at http://products.mercola.com Next, don't use a cell phone in the car. In a car, it uses more power because it must continually reconnect with antennas. Plus the signal is reflected by the metal in the car which increases exposure to radiatrion. Cordless phones used in the home pose the same risks as cell phones. To be safe, you should replace all cordless phones with corded phones when practical. WIFI is also a strong source of electromagnetic radiation. So use cables to connect everything to your computer. But if you must use a wireless router, place it as close as possible to the devices it controls. Microwave Ovens leak radiation even up to 20 feet away. So your best defense is to leave the kitchen when the microwave is on. If you want to test your mircowave, put your cell phone in the microwave and close the door. ( DO NOT TURN ON THE MICROWAVE ! ) call your cell phone. If you hear it ring, then it means radiation is able to pass out of your microwave.