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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Keep Clear Of New Craig's List Scams

Check Fraud You list a used piece of furniture for $100 on Craig's List and a scammer calls you and says he will be out of town. So he mails you a check for$250. When you ask him about it, he apologizes for the mistake and asks that you wire him the over-payment. Plus he'll throw in a few bucks for your inconvenience. The fact is, the check is fake and you'll be out $150+! Employment Fraud Two common scams are asking for up-front training fees and gathering personal info under the guise of "background check"purposes. You'll either get beat for the training fees or have your identity stolen in a NY minute. So watch out for job offers that post great salaries, requiring little or no experience, or that involve fees, or telecomuting without meeting your boss or hiring without any interview. These are BIG RED FLAGS!