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Monday, June 7, 2010

Why You Should Avoid Buying Chinese Garlic

In 2006, the average wholesale price of Chinese garlic was about 35 cents a pound. Then large amounts were dumped on the US market at 7 cents a pound which is below its production costs. Right now, Chinese garlic is being dumped all over the world, and right now, garlic farmers all over the world are going out of business because they cannot compete with the dirt cheap price of Chinese garlic. In California, garlic farmers cut their production from 160 million pounds of garlic in 2003 down to 95 million pounds in 2007. There are only five garlic growers left in New Zealand and Thailand's garlic production is down 20%. And in 2000, China suspended imports of South Korean cell phones in retaliation of Korea's sharp increase in garlic tariffs. So the Chinese are not dumping cheap garlic all over the world because their nice guys. The plan is to put everybody out of business, dominate the market, and then charge whatever the market will bear. And here's something you didn't know about Chinese garlic. Its not as tasty or nutritious as Garlic grown in the US. That's because the root of the garlic contains disease and pestilence that might spread in the US. So the roots are gouged out before they get here. That's why there's a concave gouge at the bottom of Chinese garlic. Plus all Chinese garlic is irradiated before it gets here so the process kills all the taste and nutrients. So make sure you avoid buying Chinese garlic whenever you can. And in light of what they're doing in the garlic market,it might be a good idea to avoid buying any kind of produce grown in China.