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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Five Remarkable Ways To Winter Proof Your Car

1. Stop Icy Buildup on wiper blades by placing a sock on each blade and secure it with a rubberband
.2. Prevent Car Window Ice Buildup by  spraying a mix of  3 parts white vinegar and 1 part water on  on  windows before freezing rain or snoew starts. You still might have to brush off snow but you
won't have to scrape of any ice. 
3. Cover Your Windshield with an old area rug and tuck the edges under the wipers.
4. Unfreeze Door Locks by squirting hand sanitizer on the lock and insert the key. If it doesn't
open wiggle the key a bit. Or dip your key in petroleum jelly, put it in the lock, and turn the key
back and forth a few times. Also, try coating the rubber strip around your car doors with cooking
spray to stop ice from forming and making doors easier to open.
.5.  Keep Windshields Fog Free filling a sock with kity liter and tying of the end. Then just leave it on the dashboard overnight. It will help asorb moisture and prevent fog from clouding windows.


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