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Monday, November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving 911

Anyone who has cooked a Thanskgiving meal know that it is fraught with potential kitchen disasters.So here are some tips to fix them:

Dry Or Undercooked Turkey - Slice breast and then make a gravy or just put it in stock or canned chicken stock and let it slowly simmer. Let it steam so the stock goes into the meat. The same advice works for turkey that is not cooked enough.

Separated Or Lumpy Gravy - Put a few bread crumbs in the gravy -bring to a boil- then strain.

Overcooked Green Beans -  Add fresh herbs and toasted nuts, some lemon zest and olive oil to add crunch.

Too Tart Cranberry Sauce - Just add some apple or orange juice.

Cement Like Mashed Potatoes - Just add scalded milk and stir.

Cold Turkey & Stuffing -After you cook the turkey, let it rest for an hour. Then have hot chicken stock on the stove and ladle it over the turkey so it brings back the moisture and the heat. To heat up stuffing, make slits in the dressing with a knife so the stock goes into the stuffing.

Ugly Turkey Skin - Brush balsamic vinegar on the turkey the last 20 minutes.

Pie Or Cake That Stick To The Pan - Take pumkin or sweet potato puree , mash up the pie or cake,
add pumpkin spice add whipped cream, mix  and turn it into a trifle.

Gooey Stuffing - If your stuffing is too loose or needs more structure, stir in some toasted croutons to give it more body.

Underseasoned Turkey Just add seasoning to the stock and put it the cavity even if your half way through cooking. Or you can do this when you slice and serve. 

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