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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

16 Secrets Hospitals Pray You Never Find Out

1. For complicated surgeries, always go to a teaching hospital.
    They  have lower complication rates and better outcomes.

2. Avoid those "pop up" ERS you see everywhere for anything
    serious since they don't have anywhere near the resources of
    a hospital ER.

3. Ask for bleach and alcohol hospital wipes to clean bedrails,
    remotes, doorknobs, phones, call buttons and toilet flush levers.
    That way you'll have a better chance of avoiding super bugs
    that live on your doctor's white lab coat and everywhere else.

4. To avoid complications, make sure your surgeon will be doing
    the whole procedure and will be closing the incision themselves. 

5. Always ask whether you've been admitted or under observation.
    Medicare won't pay your bills unless you were admitted.

6. 8 out of 10 hospital bills contain errors so check your bill

7. Make sure your surgeon isn't doing someone else's surgery
    the same time he's doing yours.

8. Studies show that patients forget 40 to 80 percent of what
    doctors and nurses tell them. So have a loved one or friend
    take notes or use a tape recorder. The most critical time
    to pay attention is to discharge instructions.

9. To reduce your chance of re-admission, make sure your
    follow up appointment is already scheduled with your MD.

10. Bring a clear printed list of all your medications and vitamin
      supplements and when you take them.

11. Keep a bedside notebook to write down your questions
      and track conversations with docs and nurses. It will come
      in handy when you get the bill to determine who you talked
      to an d when. 

12. Always schedule surgery early during the week. On weekends
      and holidays, lab tests and other services may not be available.
      Also, less experienced docs and nurses usually work on week
      ends and staffing is lighter.

13. Get copies of all your lab tests and scans before you leave
      the hospital.

14. Costs at a surgical center are up to $1000 less then at a
      hospital. Procedures takes about 25% less time and you
      may get home quicker.

15. Less well trained docs will call on you for consults. If those
      specialists call on you everyday, your bill is being padded.
      Ask if the visits are necessary.

16. If you go to a smaller hospital and they transfer you to a
      bigger medical center, demand that you be sent to a facilty
      that can handle your care.Lately, community medical centers
      and sending patients to hospitals that they are affiliated with
      even if it's farther away. It's happening even if a patient is
      bleeding to death or having a heart attack that needs
      emergency care.




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