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Friday, November 20, 2015

13 Amazing Ways To Make Food Last Longer & Save You Money

1. Make Onions Last 8 Months -Take a  nylon stocking put an onion in it, then tie a knot. Repeat until the stocking is full. By doing so, the onions will last up to 8 months because they're in fresh air and not being squashed by each other.

2. Make Berries Last Longer When you buy fresh berries, put them in a bowl of 10 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Let them sit for 5 minutes then drain in sieve and dry. This process kills off the micro-organisms  and makes them last longer.

3. Freeze Eggs by cracking them into an ice cube container, add a pinch or salt or sugar to each cube so it keeps them from getting grainy, and use as needed.

4. Freeze Tomato Sauce by putting in a freezer bag. After one hour, take out of freezer, used the back of a knife and make indentations to make separate portions of sauce. Then just cut one off when needed.

5. Make Herbs Last For Ages by coating them with olive oil before you freeze them

6. Make Bananas Brown Slowly by wrapping their stems in cling wrap.

7. Celery & Broccoli last longer and stay crunchy if wrapped in aluminum foil

8. Lettuce Lasts Longer when wrapped in a paper towel since the towel absorbs moisture.

9. Carrots Last Forever if stored in the dark in sand

10. Cottage And Other Cheeses last twice as long if the plastic container is stored upside down.

11. Food Stored In A Glass Jar lasts a lot longer than food stored in a plastic container

12. Store Cheese in wax paper then place in a plastic bag. It won't sweat, it will last longer and never taste like plastic

13. Keep Cake From Drying Out after it's been sliced  by placing slices of bread on each side of opening cut with tooth picks.      

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