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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Seven Germiest Spots In Public Spaces

About 80% of all infections are caused by touch. That's why colds, flu and contagious disease go viral.  The biggest offenders are:

1. Coffee Cup Lids The University Of Arizona found that about 17% of disposable coffee lids placed on cups by coffee shop workers were contaminated with fecal bacteria. So skip the lid and pour the coffee into your own thermos cup or use self-serve coffee bars at convenience stores.

2. ATM Machines   A British study found that ATM machines were contaminated with the same level of bacteria as public toilets. So bring a disposable wipe to wipe the key pads or touch screen or clean your hands with a disposable wipe after using the machine.

3. Supermarket Checkout Conveyor Belts  A study by Michigan State found that most super market belts have mold, yeast and staph bacteria. So when you get home, wash your hands before opening cabinets and the refrigerator. Also, wash your hands again when you're done unpacking groceries. And don't forget to wash off the tops of cans before you open them.

4. Hotels  60% of all hotel bathtubs are contaminated with staph. Rinsing the tub doesn't help so you need mechanical action to remove the bio film. If you think you want to take a bath in a hotel room, then carry a small scrub brush and a few ounces of bleach with you.A solution of one part bleach and nine parts water plus a few drops of soap with kill most microbes in a few seconds.Hotel pillows are rarely laundered. So when you travel, always bring anti allergy  protective covers that you can wash when you come home.As soon as you check in, remove the bedspread and toss it to the side.To stay warm, request extra blankets which are laundered more often then bedspreads.

5. Tables If a serve wipes your table in a restaurant with a damp cloth, there's a 70% chance that the wipes table is contaminated with E. coli and other fecal bacteria. So when you go to a restaurant, wipe the table yourself with a disposable wipe.

6. Toilets The tops of the toilet seat might be clean, but your finger tips will become contaminated when you lift the seat. So use a disposable wipe or a thick layer of toilet paper to lift the seat. Also, if its an old style toilet that has a lid, close it before you flush. Flushing an old style toilet can spray bacteria droplets up to 20 feet. The new low flush toilets spray no more than one foot.

7. Carpets The carpets in public places can harbor some 200,000 bacteria per square inch.  That's thousands of times more than the average public toilet seat. Since hotels don't clean their carpets very often, then always wear socks,  request a pair of disposable scuffs, flip-flops or bring your own slippers.
If you work in any office in either Bucks County or Mercer County, and the carpets smell stale and are stained, and you can't recall the last time management cleaned the carpet, then the carpets are loaded with bacteria. Have your office manager or supervisor give us a call for a free no-obligation commercial carpet cleaning consultation. We'll green clean and restore the carpets like new and your boss must be happy or its free.

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