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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why Do Dogs Do That?

Why do dogs walk in circles before lying down?

This behavior is likely left over when dogs slept outside. The theory is that walking in circles tramples down long grass, creating a smoother nest.

Why do dogs kick at the ground after defecating?

They're trying to spread the scent of their leavings over a large area as possible.

Why do dogs rip up paper products?

Soft paper feels like fur and feathers in the dog's mouth and even well-behaved dogs find that irresistible.

Why do dogs buy bones and other things but never retrieve them?

The leading theory is that dogs do not fully remember where they bury things. So if a dog experiences lean times, it will dig in the  general area and hope to get lucky.
Why do dogs chase their tails?

Typically, tail chasing happens when a dog is in a brightly lit area. The light causes the dog to notice it's shadow. While investigating the shadow, it notices its tail and a brief chase ensues.

 Why do dogs eat grass?

Dogs eat grass like anything else because they're hungry. Most dogs prefer the tops of new shoots since they have the most flavor.

Why do dogs eat their own feces?

For it's nutrients. Dogs intestinal tracts are relatively short, so they cannot absorb all the nutrients from food before its expelled. Eating feces allows them to run food through their system a second time and absorb the
nutrients that otherwise go to waste.

Why do some dogs bite after wagging their tails?

Because wagging does not mean a dog is friendly and happy. When a tail is held high and the wags are short and quick , the wag actually is meant as a warning - the dog is trying to tell you to back off. Friendly wags
are long and sweeping, with the tail typically held fairly low.

Why do dogs roll in disgusting smelly things?

It's actually a form of doggy camouflage. When wild dogs hunt, their odor sometimes gives them
away, their prey smells the dog and gets away. Rolling in something disgusting can mask the smell of a dog.

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